Sam, Reflection, Gathering Together!

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Logo and motto The sky is the limit! We have developed a logo of the "open-minded" child" as a way of paying homage to Maria Montessori (1870 - 1952). Her ground-breaking book The Absorbent Mind remains a valuable introduction into learning-psychology for the benefit of general readers interested in the history of modern education (Madras/Chennai, 1949; reprint 2002). She was a great admirer of India where she lived and worked for several years. We also wish to express our indebtedness to her work by suggesting that a child must no longer be constrained on the rigid cultural boundaries of conventional (music) education but needs congenial learning opportunities wherein making music together play a major role.

Getting into the flow The logo also encapsulates the concepts known as "flow" and "single-minded immersion" (*) that have enriched modern education; here expressed in the form of the Malayalam letters indicating "sam" (i.e. the waving line with a dot on the lower right side). Thus the logo is a visual counterpart for the motto of our educational research project Sam, Reflection, Gathering Together! wherein voice and hands suffice to explore new cultural horizons in a rewarding and exciting manner.

(*) Daniel Goleman. Emotional Intelligence: Why it can matter more than IQ. Bantam Books. New York, 1996.

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